Friday, 23 August 2013

Don't walk

The Boy isn't walking yet.

My Mum has now started to remark on it, every time she sees him. "Oh, dear, you're so lazy! You don't walk!"

One of the very nice ladies at work has pointed out that we all learn things in our own time and that he is busy learning other things (he is obsessed with sorting and stacking at the moment) when he is not learning to walk, and that there's no point in trying to persuade him otherwise.

Despite mocking a woman we saw on holiday who spent the entire week bent over double trying to "walk" her baby around the campsite, my husband is now starting to do the same to him.

The Boy is fine. He responds to us, he makes eye contact, he chases the cat, he babbles wordlessly to us about his best toys, he is energetic. He hits all his developmental milestones apart from the walking; he can climb alarmingly quickly, and is beginning to be able to work my laptop, which is kind of weird when you only got introduced to touchpads in your mid 20s and your 16 month old has it sussed already.

Yeah, it is a bit disheartening for me when a kid half his age toddles past him. But, he doesn't care. We don't all do things at the same speeds. Maybe, given his familiarity with my laptop and working at home, he already knows he doesn't need to leave the house to survive; evolution in action.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that the people doing the "Oh! My baby walked at 9 months!" are exactly the sort of people as the person who say things like "Gosh! You need to get a move on with having kids".

Next time, it might get a "Nah, not walking, but he spent 18 months in the freezer so he's just chilled!"


  1. Love your response! He'll walk when he wants to. And he sounds great.

    Shivers over the laptop!

  2. Glad you have very nice ladies at work!
    I'm a little afraid that Suzy wants to skip milestones, stretching and kicking her legs it seems she wants to learn how to dance first. Sitting is not her thing. I'm not sure how long I can stay in shock if she starts to walk. But I think I have heard more stories about kids starting to walk later than earlier. My neighbours' two year old started to walk her first steps just days before they left for their trip around the world. But she was just not interested enough, so her 'second' steps were some months later again... And her parents were not worried at all, because their son was also much later than average.

    Enjoy the good bits!

  3. You know, my little one is little -- still wearing 12 month clothes at 18 months -- so people often ask me how I got her to walk so well so soon. I'd just assume that all the "younger" kids that are toddling past are little, older kids.

    Plus, a friend of mine had a son who was a little late in walking and his physical therapist said that crawling longer is actually good for babies.