Friday, 2 August 2013

Bad blogging

I haven't updated in ages - life has rather got in the way.

The Boy is doing really well. He is almost, almost walking - he can stand for a few seconds unsupported until he realises what he's doing and grabs onto a table or chair.

He can manage odd words at surprising times. We were in the park and he picked a daisy. I picked one too and said "Look, David - a daisy!". To my immense delight, he gurgled "'Aisy!" back at me.

We've finally, finally made some progress with the house move. Our stuff goes into storage next week. I feel immensely happier knowing that it's been booked and yes, we are getting out of here.

Job-wise, things are about to get busier with the woodlice. But I've decided that, when we move at the end of the year, I'm going to quit. It'll be tough financially for a while, but manageable.

My husband has suddenly announced that he is going to start looking for different work too, as there's no progression where he is at the moment. He also agreed that we'd probably want to go for #2, although that will have to wait until after the move and all the job stuff is settled.

It feels much better having made all these decisions - I've sometimes felt quite angry with him over the summer as he just seemed so reluctant to make progress.


  1. Wow, stuff in storage next week? that is very soon!
    I am glad you husband is starting to look into a different future. maybe it is connected to trying again? that he needs to 'provide for his family'? I think that is a much stronger incentive for men than for women. And sometimes people need time (and no nagging) to make a decision their own. No matter how genius our suggestions were ;-)
    Glad you're both marching into the future together. Hope you manage the inevitable bumps in the road together as well, as these are all big changes and big stressors.
    Enjoy the summer weather while it lasts.

  2. Too inarticulate (and hot) other than to say, "yeah, what Valerie said."