Saturday, 23 February 2013

No means no

We are still working on getting the Boy not to throw food.

Usually I say "no" sternly, and he looks contrite. Then we smile at each other, and we try again. If he hurls the next handful of food immediately, then I usually take that to mean he's had enough, and mealtime is over. If he carries on (and sometimes he does throw a handful of food and eat the next handful) then I let him eat until he is full.

He still throws, but I feel like I'm making headway.

The problem is, my husband cannot do stern. I came out of the shower, and heard him saying, rather camply, "Don't throw your food, you bad boy!". The Boy responded by cackling with laughter at him.

I think my husband does want to mean it, but he really struggles to sound like he means it. Every time he says "No, don't you do that!", in a very limp wristed fashion, the Boy roars with laughter at him, and sometimes, I do too. Which is very bad of me, but he sounds like he's channeling a Carry On film.

I've got a horrible feeling that I'm going to be the disciplinarian in the family in the future!


  1. So often it is the mother who is the disciplinarian. All I'll say is - having watched family and friends - try not to let your husband slack off in the discipline department, because being the "boss" is what seems to exhaust all the mothers I know more than anything else. So stop laughing at him! It's for your own good. (LOL)

    Once the Boy is older, I guess you'll be able to sort it out with your husband more easily.

  2. Heheh, I see that happening here too. But for the moment, I think it has to do with me just spending more time with him than hubby, so the boy knows more what to expect from me. Although, he does give us both grins and sticks his tongue out at us (while eating).