Friday, 15 February 2013

A night out

Tomorrow, we've got an overnight babysitter. I didn't go seeking one out, but one of my relatives volunteered to look after the Boy overnight.

I agreed.

It still feels a bit too soon. But then, if I leave it and leave it, it will always feel too soon. He will pack his bags and go to university, and I will then move into his living room in student halls, because he will still be my wee boy and incapable of surviving without me. Unless I knock this on the head.

So I agreed.

So, the Boy's clothes are packed, and I have put a great deal of thought into what he's wearing. Relative has been e-mailed his routine, and I've had a big chat with her about what he eats and doesn't eat. He is well prepared.

The thing is, I've completely failed to find something for us to do. We've booked a hotel, because I think it would be very weird being in the flat without the wee man. Besides which, it would end up that we'd spent our evening tidying the flat.

Apart from that, we don't have anything planned. There's nothing on at the cinema, or the theatre. I meant to book a restaurant but haven't got round to it yet.

I have vague plans to wear my new-ish black dress. But that's it.

Whatever we do, it will be the first night we've spend together in years where I wasn't between IVF cycles, or pregnant. Or have a small baby with us - and, lovely though this is, it does put a bit of a curb on romantic evenings, lingering over meals, going to trendy bars, and all the things that kept us going through the bad old times, and things that I still sometimes miss.

But then the IVF question is looming in my mind, once more. I was sorting the Boy's clothes into "donate" or "keep" piles and asked my husband what he thought we should do with a couple of items, and he wanted to keep them.


We definitely, definitely don't want to spend our first night on our own for however long arguing about doing another IVF cycle, though.


  1. Hope it was a good night! I'm sure the Boy survived it too.

  2. Thanks. We were all fine. I think we were tucked up in bed by 11 - too many glasses of wine and I just fall asleep. The Boy had, for him, a late night playing with his cousins. I think he had more of a party than us!