Sunday, 8 December 2013

The waiting game

Mr Cuntypants has still not arranged finance for the house move. He's given us various assurances that the morgage companies involved had escalated our case and would look at them last week, but these have all fallen through.

He is still 'confident' that he'll arrange finance, but has said it will be a good idea to let the sellers know we might not be able to complete. Lovely.

It just feels horrible. I don't know what happens if the move doesn't happen - all the services we rely on here, from our broadband to our storage to the Boy's nursery place have been cancelled, as we didn't expect to need them. We've also ordered furnite to be delivered to our new place, and a removals van. Presumably the sellers can also sue us if the move falls through.

The loan gap is too much for us to put it on a credit card, and we're running out of time to arrange alternative finance. We have offered to put in more capital, and both of us are in the process of getting more hours from employers, so have asked them to give us stuff in writing confirming this.

My husband, while he is also worried, thinks I am being overly fretful and that he will sort it out.  I really hope so.