Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Yay! We are moving. Starting tomorrow.

Broker trauma aside, it is a bit funny, leaving our flat.

When we moved here, we had an inkling we might need IVF. We can now reasonably say we're veterans.

When we moved think we had been used to student style moves. This meant that you had a couple of boxes and a couple of bin liners to get shifted. We got married not before we moves here and got a load of wedding presents, which are all lovely, but realistically meant that our tried and tested moving techniques didn't work anymore. We got into this really stupid situation on our moving day that we needed to ask the removal company - ie, a white van man and his pal -to do a couple of runs so we could empty our belongings out, and reuse the cardboard box for another go. All the boxes were from Lidl or similar, meaning they had holes in them. I think the whole concept of hiring crates or boxes was unknown to us.  

I am sure the next couple of days and weeks will show us as being equally inadequate to own a house rather than a flat.

When we moved here, we had no cat. We also, more to the point, had no Boy. The Boy's last day at nursery is tomorrow. He loves it and I am really sad to move him. I also know he would be even sadder at moving in a year, or two years, or three years, when he is getting increasingly more able to establish relationships. But I know he will miss nursery.

The cat has been shipped to a relative as she will be more worried by the ongoing move, rather than any disruption to her routine. I am hoping she'll be alright about finding her household relocated somewhere else with more space.

Anyway, I better go to bed. Thanks for everyone's comments about the mortgage episode - there's far more I could write about but it would be too identifying.

But, hopefully everyone has a very peaceful Christmas.

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