Monday, 25 June 2012

A new start

My name is Sushigirl and I am infertile. At least, in the normal, not-requiring-fuckloads-of-meds-procedures-and-money-to-get-pregnant sense of the word.

I'm also (finally) a parent. It took lots of IVF, three losses, and I lost both my tubes to ectopic pregnancies, but we eventually got there.

I used to run a different blog, but it ended up not being for public consumption, for reasons of anonymity. I'm hoping some of the friends I lost when I went private will find me here.

I thought about stopping blogging after my baby was born. However, I realised I still had a lot that I wanted to write about.

But then, there'll also be stuff about the Boy too, although hopefully nothing to difficult for anyone who is still stuck ttc - or left treatments behind - to read. I always found that some parenting-post-IVF blogs were much easier to read than others.


  1. Like the new look. And i doubt you'll drive me away!

    1. PS. Have you submitted your new blog to Mel's LFCA list so others will know you're here?

  2. I have been wondering where you went! I am so happy that you commented on my blog!!! I can't wait to catch up!

  3. Happy to see you blogging again. Congrats on the birth of your son!

  4. Sorry, I took a while to find you back!