Thursday, 11 September 2014

Making your mind up

I'll catch up with comments and everyone else's blog shortly, I promise.

It has been almost comically busy in our lives, thanks not to individual fertility, childbearing or mad parent issues, but a big national issue that's dominating the whole country; whether to vote Yes or to vote No to independence.

Women have been particularly targeted by both campaigns. Here are two of the main adverts that each side has put out:

The woman who made up her mind:

Yes means...

What do you guys think? Which one works best?

And, for bonus points, which one has been absolutely slated?


  1. Ooh, thanks for putting these up. I've been thinking of you, wondering what it's like to be in Scotland at the moment. Not being Scottish (though having a good few Scots in my ancestry), it's hard to know which works best if you're Scottish, of course. But I like the woman trying to work her way through the issues. She would be me - trying to figure out the what-ifs, thinking about the what-can-go-wrongs. I certainly wouldn't be swayed by all the warm, emotional music and tugging on the heart-strings of the second. I'd want data!

    So of course, I am going to assume that the first one was absolutely slated, because she talked about time away from the kids being her favourite part of the day! But then, maybe Scotland isn't the home of "motherhood and apple pie" warm and fuzzy stuff? Tell me, tell me!

    1. The first one got slated - and this is not just from the Yes side- because she was so patronising, and rather seemed to be telling people how to vote from a clueless perspective ("the man on the telly"). And because she spent so much time at the kitchen table talking about her family rather than being at work, or doing non family things.

      I can't provide an update on figures because they shift, but try googling for WBB (wee blue book).

      Essentially I don't think Scotland will be much poorer or much richer, but I do think we should make our own decisions. I am worried by the extreme right wing elements taking hold in English politics.

    2. What different perspectives on the ads. What I interpreted as someone trying to work through the issues, others saw as the opposite. Of course, I saw it in a vacuum.

      From time to time here there is a discussion of a monetary union with Australia, and way back when - the 19th century - NZ was part of New South Wales for a time. We're used to being on our own though - the whole concept of sharing borders with another country is foreign to us. Which is probably why we see you all as pretty much the same, just with different accents - so it is interesting to watch this and try and learn a bit about the different perspectives. I'll go google WBB now - thanks.

  2. Sorry, what did you ask? I couldn't get over the Scottish accents. Seriously though, I have no idea how I would vote. I love the idea of Scotland finally getting its freedom, but I would have no idea what would be best for anyone.

  3. Personally I love the idea of independence. However, there are things that must be considered with that wonderful idea. Is your government strong enough to take on the independence from the UK? How is the health care system and will it change drastically with the new government? Your tourism industry; is it year round and will the breaking off from the UK affect the industry? Declaring independence will affect trade markets world-wide which could affect the tourism business. How much revenue do your universities rake in each year? Sure it might seem easier to just vote "No" but is the money that your country is making staying in your country or is it being funneled out to pay for the rest of the UK? I do have Scottish ancestors. This year I missed out on the reunion in Scotland because I was pregnant but still the family wished me well and missed me.

    1. Maybe you peeps questioned George Washington on these things, maybe you didn't. But I can't see the USA feeling a bit down and petitioning David Cameron to be put back under London control :)

      We pay more in in oil, tax and whisky than we get out, but that doesn't matter as much as repeatedly getting a governing party that we don't vote for.

  4. Just popping in today to say to you - and the rest of Scotland (!) - good luck for today. It is such a momentous day - whatever the outcome, I wish you all the best.

  5. awww, I'm too late to see the second video, it is taken down from youtube :(
    but o dear, the parodies on the first (I watched the guy with the black wig and then the blond guy, no mercy!)