Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Gone fishing

Spring is here, and much has been happening...

The garden is going well - some potatoes have surfaced, the peas are growing, and we hopefully have some seedlings in the herb garden. Either that or they are weeds. Better still, a thrush has appeared a few times, and we have had bumble bees visit too. I will post photos of the plants soon, although it's not a lot to look at as the garden was covered in either gravel or grass when we moved in. But it's less barren than it was.

The Boy had his first camping trip. He enjoyed it until evening time, when he kept trying to put his coat on and get in the car. He was also clearly having withdrawal symptons from electronic equipment. His favourite part of the trip was finding a book with numbers in a bookshop, along with feeding the ducks.

I am monumentally busy, partly with work, partly with the Boy, and partly with that thing that's happening here later on in the year, which you may have read about and which I will not mention by name on here, but will blog about shortly.

The cat is getting a bit grumpy. When we came home from camping, she'd clawed loads of the carpet off the stairs; she's never done anything like this before. When we sat outside in the garden, she stood inside and scolded us, and refused to join in. She didn't sleep with us either. She seems back to normal now, but she's definitely getting more set in her ways.

I went to see my parents at the weekend. They are on their best behaviour. For now.

All in all, it's not been a bad spring.


  1. Glad to hear you had a happy Easter weekend. Did it involve chocolate eggs at all?
    It sounds like the busy you are is a mostly good kind of busy.

  2. Sorry I'm late to this. Sounds like you're having a lovely spring. And I'm intrigued about your role with the thing that's happening there later on in the year (one of our TV stations is already advertising its coverage of the 2014 event).

  3. Finally found your blog again in my bookmarks now that I have my computer back up and running. Hope to read more of your posts soon.