Thursday, 7 November 2013

What's been happening

So, since I last blogged...

  • We have a house moving date, next month. 
Yay! The sellers got back to us and it is about 75% done; we just need to get some papers into the mortgage people and then that's hopefully it. Well, apart from the whole booking a removal van, changing names on the electrics, repainting and recarpeting our apartment and finding a tenant... minor stuff like that. We're moving an hour away; I know in some countries people drive an hour to get the Sunday papers, but this is moving to a totally different town and community for us.
  • My parents have become utterly infuriating. 

My Dad didn't appear to have had a stoke but has "thickening around the brain", and has had stroke-like symptoms. However, having the stroke tests come up negative have made my folks decide they're fine and dandy to go on an independent holiday a 12 hour flight away.

 Despite the fact that they find it increasingly difficult to do a day or overnight trip to two nearby cities, and that a 12 hour flight is a long way away if my Dad has one of his turns and, even if its a wobble rather than a catastophe, a day's solid travelling is a long time if you don't know how ill he is... oh, I don't know. I could shake them.

Mum still keeps acting like my Dad is at death's door too. "He gets very sore and achy when he's tired," she said sonorously, a couple of hours after telling us about their travel plans. So why are you both hellbent on carrying on like you're both in your 20s, then?

  • I am fat
I keep putting weight on, despite attempts to keep it down. I'm hoping moving to a different community where I have to walk to the shops will help.

  • The Boy is fine
He is a cool dude, y'know. He can say "shoe" and "dada" and "mama". He had a  tantrum in the supermarket when he wasn't allowed to run amok in the toy department, but resolved it by trying to shoplift some Edam. He loves stamping in puddles, too, and taking off his lovingly hand-knitted hat. I hope the move will be good for him.

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  1. Loved the update. Moving house sounds very exciting - stressful, but good once you've done it.

    I'm sorry you have these issues with your parents. The thing I've noticed as particularly my in-laws are aging is that they don't seem to be able to make logical decisions anymore. Your mum's comments made me laugh - simply because she sounded exactly like my MIL. Exactly! She'll tell me something about FIL as if it is the worst thing ever, but then carry on as if it never happened. Argh!

    I'm sure you're not fat. And you'll be so busy racing after the little dude soon that a walk to the shops will be a breeze in comparison! Glad he's doing great.