Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The bearded lady

I noticed I was sprouting two hairs on my chin shortly after my 25th birthday. This was liveable with, with tweezers. Then a few more sprouted. Rigorous plucking kept things at bay. Although running my fingers over my chin and feeling a sharp, stubby hair poking out always fills me with irritation - and I can't settle until it is out!

In hospital, when having the Boy, I obviously wasn't paying much attention to my facial hair regime. A couple of days into recovery I realised I was looking, well, hairy. Like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings sort of level. A couple of hairs were long, under-the-chin specimens. Eugh.

The hair keeps on marching on. Soon, if I do not keep up rigorous work with the tweezers and waxing strips, I won't be able to walk down the street without being mistaken for Osama bin Laden. Minus the robes and flowing locks, and kidney dialysis machine.

I mean, it's probably not that bad. I've seen pictures of people with PCOS who had it worse. I've also seen less hairy women too, though.

It's fucking annoying though. Why? Where does it come from? Why do women start sporting taches and beards?

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