Sunday, 21 October 2012

My ICLW Tale Of Woe

I feel like a bit of a shit after the last ICLW.

I started off with good intentions. I missed a day's commenting but was going to catch up.

Then, on the evening of Day 2, I had a really bad stomach upset. Very very bad. I'm sure you can imagine.
 I had eaten out and had some pains, like I was going to have a gallstone attack. So, for the first time, I took the meds I'm meant to take during a flare. I don't know if it was the gallstones themselves, the meds, the fact that there was a stomach bug going around anyway, or the restaurant I'd eaten at served dodgy food, or some sort of hideous combination of the four. But I don't think I've ever had such an upset tummy.I had to get up at least hourly through the night.

Ironically, the Boy slept very well.

The next day, I felt shattered - unusually, I plonked the Boy in front of the television as I just couldn't face entertaining him. And did a little bit of commenting, although mainly returning comments.

Then my husband got the stomach bug. While I'd more or less had to get on with things during my bout of illness, his was apparently much worse - although given he managed to get a good night's sleep (not that I'm bitter...). If it hadn't been for an unscheduled appearance by my parents, I'm not sure how we would have coped.

Then he got better, and my fucking stomach bug came back. We'd gone out for the day, thinking I was in the clear, and I ended up with bad stomach pains and hopping from cafe to cafe to go to the toilet. That was fun.

The Boy, mercifully, didn't get the vomiting and diarrhea. But he did go absolutely batshit with his sleeping schedule; after sleeping through when I was up, he then had a few nights in a row of getting up in the early hours and resolutely refusing to sleep. I don't know if he had some sort of version of the illness or whether my wakeful nights caught up with him.

The only time he hurled was when I really, really needed to rest and cracked and gave him the emergency carton of formula we'd been carrying about since he was a couple of weeks old. He drank it and then puked it all up, all over my husband. Apparently this often happens when breastfed babies get formula, or so I discovered afterwards.

I couldn't take anything for the stomach upset because I was breastfeeding. I asked in pharmacists and a homeopathic medicine shop on the cafe-heavy day out. Nada. I nearly took some immodium anyway, because I was so fed up. But I was worried that it might harm the Boy.

Anyway, after all that, I kind of abandoned ICLW. Although "abandoning" makes it sound like it was a conscious decision - it was more that I just had to really, really do what I had to do and rest where I could. And then I felt really bad afterwards because I'd effectively freeloaded. I mean, it wasn't a life threatening condition, or anything (although it did really wipe me out).

So, I am sitting this one out as penance. And then I will try and do an Iron Commentor to make up for it at some point in the future.

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  1. I completely understand how commenting and responding can get away from you. On those months that I have participated in ICLW,but fell behind in comments, I'd just continue to make up for it after the week had gone by. And then sometimes, it just can't be helped no matter what. Don't beat yourself up for it too much. :)
    Someday I'll play again too.