Thursday, 13 March 2014

Gardening Rules

Do not eat the compost

Do not eat the seeds, it is ok to eat them when they are corn, but not now

It is ok to move the pots of newly planted seeds, but not upend them

Do put the seed potatoes into the planting box nicely

Do not ram the seed potatoes into the planting box as hard as you can

Do not eat the compost

Do not eat the peat planters

Do not eat the seed potatoes

It is good to put the seeds in the earth in the peat planters and then poke earth over them gently

Do not eat the filled peat planters; they are not burritos

Do not eat the compost FOR THE LAST TIME

Playing on the slide during planting is actively encouraged

The cat does not want seed potatoes, ungrateful beast

Do not suddenly learn how to open the garden gate and run into the road while my back is briefly turned

Watering the plants is good, but NAPPIES MUST STAY ON

He still managed a mouthful of compost. Eugh.


  1. (giggling)
    I let Suzy cram her mouth full of sand. My theory is that sand doesn't taste nice. I haven't seen her try again.
    She does however like to make me say no, as if that is a cool game.
    So umm, did the Boy survive? no tummy ache?

  2. I wonder how many times you have to say "no" in a day? Hope you're enjoying the garden.

  3. Can't help but chuckle over your son's not listening to you about the compost.