Thursday, 9 May 2013

It isn't the first that matters

The Boy is becoming slightly more challenging as he gets bigger. Not just bigger, but more able to:

  1. Hurl food
  2. Attempt to go AWOL at baby singing rather than waiting for his go at the mat/drum/whatever else. He recently rugby tackled a slightly older and bigger child to the ground, much to my horror (a Dad of an older toddler, who he took out of the same class because he thought she got too much to handle, said sagely "aaah, you notice more when it's yours.").
  3. Have fights with the cat; the cat sometimes puts up with him, sometimes doesn't - but she always wins
  4. Fight sleep at odd times. It is comforting to know that sleep wins eventually, but a bit trying at 5am when he's been up for 2 hours already, and any ignoring, trying to settle, gently stroking his nose and any other bollocks just isn't making him want to sleep.
The first three of these have met with many responses of "no". "No, don't throw food", "No, you need to share", "No, please don't do that to the cat, if you touch her gently like this, it'll be fine".

 But then, he does surprising things to. During the recent 3.30 - 5.30 unexpected partytime, I kept trying to give him a bottle of milk. Milk usually gets him to sleep, and I was really hoping that if he accepted a bottle, he'd nod off.

Instead, after becoming exasperated on my 3rd or 4th attempt, he shouted "Nuuuuuuu!" and chucked the bottle at me like I'd been about to pull the cat's tail.

So I think "no" might be his first word.


  1. I think if "no" isn't our first word, then it is certainly our favourite for a few years!

  2. Oh no! We haven't gotten to this stage yet, but I am sure it is soon. Paxlet has started throwing tantrums already!! He arches his back and throws himself away from me. And just yesterday he was standing and bouncing himself up and down (while holding onto the couch) and whining when I tried to do something to him (Probably clean his nose). I can't believe we have fits/tantrums already!

    Good luck! As frustrating and challenging as it might be, you just have to laugh. At least that is waht I tell myself. :)